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23 hours ago

Discover the groundbreaking advancements of GPT-4, the future of artificial intelligence. Also, explore the European LLM Leaderboard, promoting advanced multilingual language model development and evaluation.Sources: Introduction(00:00:46) Ten Tasks Achievable with GPT-4 that were not Possible with GPT-3.5(00:03:22) OpenGPT-X Team Publishes European LLM Leaderboard: Promoting the Way for Advanced Multilingual Language Model Development and Evaluation(00:05:50) Europe's AI Act: How does it work and what happens next?(00:08:51) AI-created election disinformation is deceiving the world

2 days ago

Introducing Hyperion, a novel framework for handling asynchronous sensor data in robotics. Q-GaLore, a memory-efficient training approach for language models, is released. The Lookback Lens approach enhances LLM reliability by detecting and mitigating hallucinations. Plus, explore the job openings in the field of generative AI.Sources: Introduction(00:00:44) Hyperion: A Novel, Modular, Distributed, High-Performance Optimization Framework Targeting both Discrete and Continuous-Time SLAM Applications(00:03:35) Q-GaLore Released: A Memory-Efficient Training Approach for Pre-Training and Fine-Tuning Machine Learning Models(00:03:48) Enhancing LLM Reliability: The Lookback Lens Approach to Hallucination Detection(00:07:18) Generative AI Job Openings: Where to Apply

3 days ago

Introducing GenSQL, a cutting-edge system that seamlessly integrates operations accessing data records and probabilistic models. With GenSQL, users can generate synthetic data, condition distributions on observed data, and perform complex queries. Join us as we explore the groundbreaking features of GenSQL and its practical applications in anomaly detection and synthetic data generation.Sources: Introduction(00:00:50) GenSQL: A Generative AI System for Databases that Advances Probabilistic Programming for Integrated Tabular Data Analysis(00:03:54) Data Science Careers: Who’s Hiring and What They’re Looking For(00:07:24) Augmentoolkit: An AI-Powered Tool that Lets You Create Domain-Specific Using Open-Source AI(00:10:36) MJ-BENCH: A Multimodal AI Benchmark for Evaluating Text-to-Image Generation with Focus on Alignment, Safety, and Bias

4 days ago

Researchers at Stanford introduce KITA, a programmable AI framework for building task-oriented conversational agents. British chipmaker Graphcore is bought by Japan's SoftBank. Plus, Microsoft Research introduces AgentInstruct for enhancing synthetic data quality, and LayerShuffle enhances the resilience of vision transformers.Sources: Introduction(00:00:47) Researchers at Stanford Introduce KITA: A Programmable AI Framework for Building Task-Oriented Conversational Agents that can Manage Intricate User Interactions(00:03:28) British chipmaker Graphcore bought by Japan’s SoftBank(00:06:49) LayerShuffle: Robust Vision Transformers for Arbitrary Layer Execution Orders

5 days ago

AI and machine learning revolutionize cybersecurity while amplifying cyber threats. Discover the dual-use nature of AI in cybersecurity and the top AI skills in demand by employers in Singapore. Plus, a roadmap for aspiring machine learning analysts and a groundbreaking defense against adversarial attacks on Large Language Models.Sources: Introduction(00:00:44) The Dual Impact of AI and Machine Learning: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity and Amplifying Cyber Threats(00:03:30) Indeed reveals top AI skills in demand by employers in Singapore(00:06:12) Crafting a Machine Learning Career: A Roadmap for Aspiring Analysts(00:09:11) This AI Paper from the National University of Singapore Introduces a Defense Against Adversarial Attacks on LLMs Utilizing Self-Evaluation

6 days ago

Spain sentences 15 schoolchildren for creating and spreading AI-generated naked images. Vimeo joins YouTube and TikTok in launching new AI content labels. Plus, Samsung unveils its first smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, and the threat of AI-created election disinformation.Sources: Introduction(00:00:40) Spain sentences 15 schoolchildren over AI-generated naked images(00:02:56) Vimeo joins YouTube and TikTok in launching new AI content labels(00:05:12) Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, its first smart ring, arrives July 24 for $399(00:07:47) AI-created election disinformation is deceiving the world

Sunday Jul 07, 2024

Discover the groundbreaking method of MInference for efficient language processing. Explore the influence of AI-based recommenders on human behavior and the need for responsible AI algorithms. Uncover the hidden human labor powering AI in the eye-opening book 'Feeding the Machine.' Experience the state-of-the-art Meta 3D Gen pipeline for text-to-3D asset generation. Join us as we delve into the latest advancements and implications in the world of AI.Sources: Introduction(00:00:49) MInference (Milliontokens Inference): A Training-Free Efficient Method for the Pre-Filling Stage of Long-Context LLMs Based on Dynamic Sparse Attention(00:04:14) Exploring the Influence of AI-Based Recommenders on Human Behavior: Methodologies, Outcomes, and Future Research Directions(00:07:49) James Muldoon, Mark Graham and Callum Cant: ‘AI feeds off the work of human beings’(00:11:16) Meta 3D Gen: A state-of-the-art Text-to-3D Asset Generation Pipeline with Speed, Precision, and Superior Quality for Immersive Applications

Saturday Jul 06, 2024

Researchers at Princeton University reveal the hidden costs of state-of-the-art AI agents. Meet Jockey, a conversational video agent powered by LangGraph and Twelve Labs API. Plus, Wimbledon employs AI to protect players from online abuse. Also, Stanford introduces a new class of individualized data scaling laws for machine learning.Sources: Introduction(00:00:41) Researchers at Princeton University Reveal Hidden Costs of State-of-the-Art AI Agents(00:02:43) Meet Jockey: A Conversational Video Agent Powered by LangGraph and Twelve Labs API(00:06:22) Wimbledon employs AI to protect players from online abuse(00:09:10) How AI Scales with Data Size? This Paper from Stanford Introduces a New Class of Individualized Data Scaling Laws for Machine Learning

Friday Jul 05, 2024

Discover the groundbreaking Dropout technique for reducing overfitting in neural networks. Learn about XEUS, a cross-lingual encoder for universal speech trained in over 4000 languages. Explore Google's practical insights into knowledge distillation for model compression in computer vision. Witness the power of deep learning AI in predicting response to cancer treatment. Join us as we delve into these cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence and their potential impact on various fields.Sources: Introduction(00:00:44) Dropout: A Revolutionary Approach to Reducing Overfitting in Neural Networks(00:03:45) Deep learning AI predicts response to cancer treatment

Thursday Jul 04, 2024

NASA and IBM collaborate to develop INDUS, a suite of specialized language models for advanced scientific research. Discover how machine learning is revolutionizing the assessment of fruit fly heart aging and disease. Also, gain insights into the fundamental components of AI agents and their potential applications. Plus, explore the concept of active inheritance in synthetic data generation for optimal performance and reduced bias.Sources: Introduction(00:00:45) NASA and IBM Researchers Introduce INDUS: A Suite of Domain-Specific Large Language Models (LLMs) for Advanced Scientific Research(00:03:07) Deep machine-learning speeds assessment of fruit fly heart aging and disease, a model for human disease(00:05:58) Understanding AI Agents: The Three Main Components – Conversation, Chain, and Agent(00:10:18) Cohere for AI Enhances Large Language Models LLMs with Active Inheritance: Steering Synthetic Data Generation for Optimal Performance and Reduced Bias


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